Bachelor’s Degree Program

15.03.06 Mechatronics and Robotics. Mechatronics

Major: Mechatronics

Level: Bachelor’s degree

Duration of training: 4 years

Degree certificate: Bachelor’s degree

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: English


Plan of study for bachelor’s programme «Mechatronic»

Cycle name/Module name 1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester 4th semester 5th semester 6th semester 7th semester 8th semester
Humanities, social and economic disciplines Foreign language Content-based Foreign language
History Science of law Business communication psychology Economics Business economics
Mathematical and natural science subjects Mathematics
Chemistry Physics
«Information technology» Computer skills and programming Computer and industrial interfaces and networks Object matching programming Computer vision
General professional subjects Descriptive geometry Engineering drawing Computer drawing Health and wellness
Materials science Additive processes
in industry
«Mechanics» Analytical mechanics Applied mechanics Machine elements
and their design
«Hydraulics and
hydraulic automation»
Physical basis for hydraulic Hydraulic and pneumatic automation equipment Proportional hydraulic and pneumatic automation Eletrical and hydraulic actuators in mechatronic equipment
«Electrical engineering
and electromechanics»
Electrical engineering Electric and electronic devices Electrical machines Power conversion devices
«Electronics» Physical basis for electronics Electronic devices of mechatronic systems Microprocessor technology of mechatronics
Skills profile discipline Introduction to mechatronics Mechatronic systems in automation industry
Operation and debugging of mechatronic modules
«Automatic control
and automation»
Measurement technology Automatic control theory Elements of automation systems Automation of generic industrial processes (branch-wise)
Disciplines implemented
at the site of an industrial partner — Chelpipe Group
Maintenance and repair of equipment
Academic practiсe Academic practiсe Labor protection and workshop safety Labor economics
Practiсes Introductory practice Productive practice Undergraduate practice
Physical training

Description of the educational programme

  1. Areas of professional knowledge

Areas of professional knowledge of graduates: design, research, production and operation of mechatronic and robotic systems for automated production in Industrial engineering.

  1. Objects of professional activity

The objects of professional activity of graduates are mechatronics and robotic systems, including information and sensor, actuating and control modules, their mathematical and algorithmic support, software, methods and means of their design, modeling, experimental research, debugging and operation, research and production testing of mechatronics and robotic systems with different application areas.

  1. Types of professional activity
  • design and engineering;
  • research and development;
  1. Professional activities


  • compilation of mathematical models of mechatronic and robotic systems, their subsystems and individual elements and modules, that include information, electromechanical, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, electronic devices and computer equipment.
  • development of software that is necessary for information processing   in mechatronic and robotic control systems and their design
  • development of experimental models of control, information and actuating modules of mechatronic and robotic systems.
  • experimental research using contemporary information technology
  • analysis of scientific and technical information, Russian and foreign experience in the development and research of mechatronics and robotic systems,
  • conducting theoretical and experimental research in the field of development of new samples and improvement of existing mechatronics and robotic systems;
  • preparation of analytical reviews, scientific and technical reports on the research results, publication on research and development results.

Design and development:

  • compilation of a feasibility study for projects to create mechatronic and robotic systems, their subsystems and individual modules,
  • to carry out calculations and design of part devices and subsystems of mechatronic and robotic systems using standard actuating and control devices, automation equipment, measuring and computing equipment in accordance with technical task,
  • to develop design and project documentation for mechanical, electrical and electronic components of mechatronic and robotic systems in accordance with existing standards and specifications,
  • carry out preliminary tests of the components of the prototype mechatronic or robotic systems according to the specified programs and methods and keep the appropriate test logs.